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Anodising is the oldest system for chemical treatment for aluminium.
The principle is to modify the surface of the metal from aluminum to aluminum oxide through an electrochemical reaction mainly in sulphuric acid.
Throughout the years a lot of improvement in the process has been made and also the possible finishes have grown enormously; and with them the complexity of the plants.

To ensure productivity and efficiency, one must identify the customer's and the market's needs and then study the best solution, which can be very different from case to case.

Anodising lines can be very different depending on many different items, such as, material, production, different finishes, work flow.

Aluengineering develops and customizes it's plants keeping into consideration all the variables and the requirements of every single client with an optimal material flow, low environmental impact and cost efficient solutions.

As general contractors we plan, project and manufacture your entire anodizing centre as a turnkey project adapting the line to the requirements of your plant.
Anodising and surface treatment in general is often the middle and key process between the extrusion and packaging of the product: an optimized material flow enables the customer to have efficient solutions and low human resources.


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