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Aluengineering was founded in 1991 as an off-shoot from Aluservice, a company founded in 1983 whose core business is the production of chemicals for aluminium surface treatment.

The experience matured on the chemical side and the process implications eventually lead to the formation of Aluengineering, who is since then present worldwide as a supplier of both anodizing and painting plants.

In the aluminium business a perfect surface quality together with a costly efficient production flow are the secret of success: they can only be achieved through an excellent engineering and chemicals that meet the highest standards.

As an engineering partner and high-tech supplier, we support aluminium surface treatment industries worldwide. The most important purpose of our business is your economic success. Regardless, whether it is your goal to increase your competitive edge worldwide, or you are just looking for efficient alternatives for your current production and logistics processes, with us on your side, you are able to break new ground and explore engineering innovations to improve quality and to increase your economic efficiency.

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