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To protect the aluminium surface there are two options: anodizing or painting.
In the last years powder coating has become very common and more sophisticated technologies have appeared on the market.
The principle is to create a "film" through a process of chemical conversion which allows the powder or liquid paint to grip to the treated surface.

In powder coating there are many issues to keep into consideration when designing a plant and each of them can lead to different choices in picking out the right plant for one's needs.
If we talk about profiles which is by far the biggest market in powder coating the first choice is between a vertical plant (high production) and a horizontal plant.

Moreover during the last years Qualicoat has given some general standards to follow which must be kept into consideration when designing a pre-treatment line.
To obtain a good grip of the paint on the treated surface Qualicoat requires a minimum quantity of aluminium to be removed during the pre-treatment stages, 1 g/l for Qualicoat and 2 g/l for Qualimarine.

How one removes the aluminium necessary is no more a matter for Qualicoat and is left to the choice of the single operator. But chemical consumption, amount of aluminium to be removed, water treatment and many other issues should be considered when choosing a plant.

To ensure productivity and efficiency, we identify the customer's and the market's needs and then study the best solution, which can be very different from case to case, depending on many items such as material , production, work flow.

As general contractors we plan, project and manufacture your entire coating centre as a turnkey project adapting the line to the requirements of your production site.
Painting and surface treatment in general are often the middle and key process between the extrusion and packaging of the product: an optimized material flow enables the customer to have efficient solutions and low human resources.
Aluengineering develops and customizes it's plants with a special eye on all the variables and the requirements of every single customer with an optimal material flow, low environmental impact and cost efficient solutions.

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